ESS: Electronic Switching System 1965 Western Electric Telephone Technology

AT&T Archives: A Modern Aladdin's Lamp, about vacuum tubes, 1940

The Transistor: a 1953 documentary, anticipating its coming impact on technology

AT&T Archives: Another Look, a 1975 film about Western Electric

AT&T Archives: We Make Telephones

Telephone Assembly: "Just Imagine" 1947 AT&T Western Electric Model 302 telephone

Distant Early Warning Radar: "The DEW Line Story" 1958 AT&T - Western Electric

Western Electric Company - Finding His Voice - Educational Short Film - 1929

Commitment, 1973 - AT&T Archives - Western Electric Manufacturing

AT&T Archives: Bottle of Magic

Historian Miles Kreuger on Don Juan’s 50th anniversary, the 1st Vitaphone feature film with sound

AT&T Archives: The Changing World of Western Electric

Restoring AT&T's "Golden Boy" Statue (with Bonus Edition Intro) - AT&T Archives