Back in 1869, General Stager, Professor Elisha Gray and one Enos Barton contributed $2,500 each and opened a shop in Cleveland, OH making electrical parts. Their move to Chicago set the stage for a storied future involving Bell Telephone, Bell Labs, AT&T, and Westrex among other legendary names.

More recently, entrepreneur Charles Whitener, in cooperation with AT&T, reestablished Western Electric® and the Westrex Corporation® and in 1997 resumed manufacturing the first 300-B single-ended triode tubes in Kansas City. They received universal praise and quickly became the gold standard.

In 2003 the company moved 300-B manufacturing to Huntsville, AL, and through those years WE served the Department of Defense with with electron tubes and test sets. WE also designed and engineered audio amplifiers, CD players, phono pre-amplifiers along with other audio components. Fast-forward to 2019 and the company, now based in Rossville, GA, has completed the Rossville Works, where the new 300-Bs are re-entering production.

In the future, in addition to vacuum tubes, WE will offer an expanded product line including amplifiers, pro sound AMT drivers and other components.

We invite you to look through our product lines and be sure and visit WES, Western Electric Select, a division of Western Electric® that distributes and sells only the finest high-end products from around the world.

WE products are designed and assembled in the USA from mostly domestic parts.

Innovation and Invention

Always experimenting, evaluating and inventing new technology to ensure our product’s advance the industry in performance, quality and ease of use.

Engineering Excellence

Design and engineer state-of-the-art products that enable our customers to enjoy the best audio experience in the world.

Operational Excellence

In collaboration with industry thought leaders, designers, engineers, and customers, continuously improve our products and services to ensure they meet and exceed expectations.

Customer Service

Always accessible and available when you need it. Your satisfaction is our success.