Update From The Rossvile Works

As part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed about the return of the WE 300B, we’re reporting a not too unexpected production delay.

This past January, Western Electric was proud to announce first availability of the new tubes for September 1. But, we could not have foreseen exactly how much time and attention each unique and valuable piece of the assembly line would need. It’s a complex, magical process, bringing together old tech and 21st-century standards. As we continue this transition, run materials inventory, and install new machinery, we must also clean and re-clean nearly one acre of floor space so it is ready to safely handle the ultra-pure materials inside each 300B. After these steps are completed we will move on to a highly regimented testing stage. Only then can we deliver product with confidence.

Please note that we are adjusting our September 2018 deadline to December 2018. We’ll continue providing updates and begin taking pre-orders soon.

Delivering the promise of Western Electric quality takes time—time we hope you’ll continue sharing with us.

Thank you,

Charles Whitener
President, Western Electric

Western Electric has been working hard to give followers big things to look forward to in 2018. This is just the beginning!

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