Arcona 100

Perfect for Any High-Resolution System

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All Gauder Akustik speakers are supercomputer modeled, exquisitely built and finished, and impart an air of sophistication and quality to any room. Many high-performance enthusiasts want speakers costing between $6,000 and $10,000 with one important caveat; that they have no significant compromises. Never an easy task even at this level.

Instantly Engaging

The Gauder Akustik Arcona 100 is the perfect speaker for any growing high-resolution system. The ultra-steep crossovers present a startling clear, transparent soundstage with air and space between performers. You’ll want to hear them; Gauder Akustik speakers instantly engage you with your music.

Remarkably Smooth

The Arcona 100’s 50dB slopes and symmetrical crossovers reduce driver overlap to the absolute minimum for remarkably smooth phase response, one of the most important characteristics for great sounding high-end, high-performance speakers. The 100s are a double bass-reflex system, a carefully modeled and designed aerodynamic trumpet-shaped port, and a cabinet with no parallel sides that reduces internal resonance. Along with new XPulse diaphragms for the bass and midrange drivers, there’s an AMT (Air-Motion Transformer) tweeter. Adjustable spikes and spike extenders are available for better stability when required.

More than you bargained for

Consider all this for the price including WBT binding posts, and a three-way room EQ adjustment. The sound is focused, transparent, dynamic, the soundstage large and stable. The bass is as deep as the recording goes, the midrange strikingly revealed, the highs extended, transparent and open. They’re available in cherry, piano white and piano black.

Upgrade your system to hear everything on the recording with Arcona 100s, audition them soon.


3-way Speaker

4 ohms

410 watts

21cm W x 41cm D x 110cm H
(8.27in W x 16.14in D x 43.31in H)

30kg (66lbs)


3-way speaker system

3-way room equalization system

50dB high-slope crossovers

WBT binding posts

Optional Features

WE SELECT products are manufactured to order. Delivery lead time for Arcona 100 is 3 weeks. Price includes shipping from the manufacturer to any location within the continental US.

Delivery time may vary depending on availability of finish materials, diamond and ceramic drivers. Estimated delivery time will be provided at the time of the order.

Questions? Call 404-352-2000.

"The combination of spontaneous pulse response and the complete fusion of the tonal range - from the delicate and sparkling to the deepest cellar dwelling bass - bass that is palpable but not over-emphasized - is a rare treat."

Stefan Schickedanz
Renninger Tower
AUDIO - November 2013

"With the Arcona 100 Guader Akustik has created a very high quality speaker, freed from convention to simply sound right to our ears while we derive pleasure listening to music."

Torsten Pless
Emotional Math Magician
Audio Test - January 2014