The Physics of Sound

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The first manufacturer to qualify for WE Select distribution in the US is Gauder Akustik, based in Renningen, Germany, a successful speaker manufacturer in their home market, Asia, and many countries around the world.

Roland Gauder is a physicist using extreme computing power to make calculations regarding all aspects of speaker design. His extreme focus on mathematical modeling has led to many significant innovations. Dr. Gauder explains his design philosophy this way: “The most important speaker parameters are excellent impulse response, wide dispersion, and eliminating frequency overlap at the crossover points that creates phase problems.”

“After all, music consists of sound impulses,” he continues, “there are no sine waves in nature after all. A speaker’s frequency response tells only part of the story, it’s impulse response that makes a speaker sound great... or not. We’ve tried many driver and diaphragm materials and found there’s nothing that compares to ceramic or diamond, the only ones that faithfully reproduce music’s impulse response demands. Our ultra-steep, symmetrical crossovers reduce driver overlap to the absolute minimum for extremely smooth phase response so the drivers don’t interfere with each other acoustically.”

Audition Gauder Akustik speakers for transparent, dynamic, full-range sound that excites the senses.