Western Electric is known worldwide for its product innovation, quality, operation and service excellence. Western Electric has established a professional services capability with decades of experience second to none in the world and access to resources worldwide. Western Electric Professional Services has the experience and the resources to service all brands of High End and Professional Audio equipment (tube, solid state and digital); preamps, power amplifiers, mixers, CD players, turntables and guitar amplifiers.

High End and Professional Audio users expect exceptional attention to details, performance and service. To that end, Western Electric Professional Services has been designed and created to meet the needs of our very demanding and discerning customers.

Maintenance and Repair

Western Electric has established standards of service excellence for every step in the repair process; from taking the service call, receiving, inspecting, photographing the equipment, identifying and isolating the problem and providing written recommendations for other areas needing attention and service.

Refurbishment and Restoration:

It is not unusual for us to receive calls asking if we can refurbish and/or restore vintage equipment. We take great pride in preserving the history of High End and Profession Audio equipment. With our experience, archives of technical specifications, historical schematics and worldwide access to resources, we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your equipment and provide you with recommendations for the restoration of your system.

Consulting and Engineering

We provide consulting across a broad spectrum of disciplines and systems to include system/equipment selection, engineering and performance testing.